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Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Week of School

At Shalva once again, but what is he doing here?
This is my stomping grounds.

Even my classmates were wondering what this little
kid was doing here. So embarrassing!

On his first day of school, Lucas actually came to my school. It was like "Bring your kid brother to School" day, which can be socially challenging for an older brother. He played with us, ate with us, and then colored with us until it was time to go home. The truth is, mommy and abba couldn't be two places at one time and all schools start on the same day around the country. So the whole family escorted me to Shalva. Mommy and abba went to meetings while we played during the short two-hour day to reacquaint ourselves with school.

Lucas was playing with my toys

He was invited into all my activities

But truthfully, only I got to return the next day...

...and have a reunion with my friends!

Lucas had his first day the following day. At first he was understandably perplexed. He made a big transition from the loving arms of his Peruvian grandmother at his former daycare to a sprawling classroom with about 10 crying babies who were all as equally perplexed as he. However, Lucas quickly made the assessment that the toys in his new school were awesome!

In fact, he didn't cry until mommy came back a few hours later to pick him up and drag him away from his new toys and new friends. He didn't quite fare the same the following days as he did cry a little with separation anxiety. But as per usual he also cried when mommy arrived to tear him away from his the toys.

Lucas quickly adjusted

And made friends!

And he found that even objects deemed illegal in my home
were on the okay-to-play-with list at his new school -
like cameras and phones!
As usual, the first days of school are harder for the parents than they are for us young ones. We are resilient, but parents are bowed down by years of experience and memories not to mention the prospect of us babies moving onward in life which somehow - even though they are sleep deprived and in need of years of vacation - can be a sad transition for adults to watch. Nevertheless, nothing will stop us as we graduate onward in life!

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  1. Looks like its going to be a very good year! XOXOXO