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Monday, July 18, 2011

UPDATE - Praying for Hallel

Meet my friend Hallel
UPDATE 3, July 19, 9:15 p.m. Israel time: Hallel is out of surgery and in the ICU! The surgery went well and she did great. But don't let up on the prayers - ICU is called Intensive Care Unit for a reason. 

UPDATE 2, July 19, 4:30 p.m. Israel time: Hallel is undergoing surgery right now. It began at around 3 p.m. our time. Her mommy and abba are in the waiting room sending updates as we all sit on the edge of our cribs awaiting good news, which we are quite positive that we will receive. You are a trooper, Hallel, and so are your parents!

Hallel and her abba on their way
to the operating room. 

UPDATE, July 18, 10 p.m. Israel time: Hallel's surgery has been postponed from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. making her fasting a lot harder during day time and the waiting time a lot harder on her parents plus making it the second operation of the day for the surgeon. Please pray for all of these above situations! Very difficult. Plus pray for the emergency surgery that is preempting Hallel's.

Tomorrow, July 19, my friend Hallel will be going to the same hospital, to see the same surgeon, to fix the same heart problem in the same operation that I had on May 1. Lots of "sames." Mommy said that also means the same stress for Hallel's parents and the same excruciating time in the waiting room.

So that brings up some more sames: The same requests for prayers! Please, everyone, pray for my friend Hallel tomorrow and during the recovery time afterwards. She is about 13 months old and she wears cute pink glasses. We met at Shalva. And we celebrated her first birthday together. Her mommy, Gaby, is the friendliest person in all of Jerusalem! Hallel has three older siblings. So Gaby and her husband will have to split time between the hospital and home and juggle lots of responsibilities and lack of sleep for the next several days. 

Here are some specific requests:
1. Pray that Hallel is at peace during this time even though she is a smart baby and knows something big is happening.
2. Pray that the hands of the esteemed surgeon, Erez Eldad, are led by God and that he does a great job. 
3. Pray for Hallel's parents and family for them also to be at peace knowing Hallel is in good hands.
4. Pray that all the logistics of pick-ups and food drop-offs and babysitters works out the way it is supposed to for the family.
5. Pray for a speedy recovery for Hallel immediately following the surgery.

Also pray that Hallel doesn't follow in my footsteps the month following the surgery when I took my new pumping heart to all new levels and NEVER NEEDED TO SLEEP (emphasis mommy's).

We know Hallel is going to be fine, but we also know it is going to be a rough few days for Gaby and co. Hallel will be snoozing, so she'll be okay for awhile. I will definitely keep you posted on her progress as the week unfolds. Thank you, friends!

Here Hallel and I are having a face off.

A trio of fun (me, Hallel and Ephraim)

I will be holding her hands (in the spirit)
while she goes through the operation.

God bless and Godspeed Hallel! You will do great!


  1. Sending my very warmest wishes to your friend Hallel, and her parents. I hope her Mommy remembers me, but even if she doesn't, she can know that another person is thinking of her, and praying for Hallel and sending all her very best refuah shelaima vibes Jerusalemwards.

    That was such a lovely post. What a good friend to Hallel you are, Daniel. God bless. x

  2. Having a child go through surgery has to be one of the most difficult things for parents.As stated above, leaving other children home, splitting parental duties, lack of sleep, and above all, the worry.

    Gaby, I'm sending you a big strong hug and know you'll pull through this. You arev made from strong stuff and G-d is with you and Stephen and you are in our prayers to G-d.
    Please let me know if/when you are up for visitors.
    Take good care of yourselves, Judith.

  3. Prayers to All.
    Margaret & Elliot