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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm very happy right now - "Hallel-ujah" for a speedy recovery for my friend!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that Hallel means praise in Hebrew. Well folks, it is time to praise the Lord! Hallel is virtually racing toward recovery - less than 48 hours after surgery she was released from the ICU! I think Hallel is intent on setting world records here.

I actually spent four whole nights in the ICU before I moved to the regular ward. Of course, if mommy and abba knew that those nights would be the last ones that they would sleep through the night for at least a month, then they would've suggested I just stay there until I was released from the hospital. 

I am going to have to speak with the surgeon and ask him what the difference was here. If we had the same problem, I want to know what took so long in pulling out all my tubes. I also want to commend all of you for your prayers - they worked 100 percent in my case (thanks again!!) and now have worked 100 percent plus faster than lightning in Hallel's situation! We are getting better at it, I suppose.

And on the bright side, if there can be one when it comes to open heart surgery and hospitalization, Hallel is spending the (thus far) hottest week of the summer in an air conditioned building. Surely that is a relief. As you can see from the pictures, I have only one cool-down option on these broiling days:

SOS: 90 degrees outside, 90 degrees inside the apartment

I tried swimming but I didn't get very far

It is just nice to cool off a bit. I am a happy baby. 


  1. first of all you folks have a seriously strong connection to the One on High! this has truly been a miracle & please God that He should just bless us all with Hallel's complete & speedy recovery. I cannot express how much all of your prayers and positive energy have meant to us & helped us through - I have only met Daniel Nicole Tony & Carole among you and loved them dearly at first sight - so clear that you guys are special souls in this world & I am privileged to know you. Nicole you should know that when we "checked into" the hospital they told me that Daniel's recovery was very fast and I should get my expectations up. So miracles indeed.
    actually my Yemenite brother in law once told us that Yemenite tradition says that you dont say thank you but rather give a blessing instead, so our blessing to you is that Daniel & Hallel and our should grow up strong & healthy as wonderful friends and give us all the joy inspiration & hope that is so needed in this world. May it be a Shabbat Shalom. Gaby

  2. that was supposed to be 'should NOT get my expectations up'!!!!

  3. Hello did it work???