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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Big Announcement

Perplexed? Perhaps a tad.

I've been required to keep a big secret for a few weeks as the censors would not allow this to appear in print on my blog for an unspecified amount of time. But after much cajoling from me and further proof (in the form of blood tests, pictures and well, weight gain) that the story was indeed true, I was given the parental go ahead to make the big announcement. And so now I will share with you something that still baffles my new and developing brain in a world that has, until now, centered all around me.

As little as I am, and as much of a baby as I still am, I am soon to become "big." A big brother.
Knowing my feet are there is quite reassuring in the
midst of life's uncertainties.

Now before you bestow upon me copious amounts of congratulations, I have a few questions that need to be answered:

  1. Does this new role in life come with responsibility? I'm used to being the one carried to and fro, changed and catered to, and I am utterly enjoying this phase of "no responsibility."
  2.  WIll I be required to grow up faster and stop acting and writing like a baby? Or have I found a partner in baby crime who will help to enhance my babyness? 
  3. Will my role as big brother, in taking care of a little person, a BABY in fact, be similar to my role in caring for Lucie the cat - mainly reaching out and grabbing her tail as she passes by?
  4. Will I be required to share the spotlight during Skype time? Or will two of us make a better team in front of the camera?
  5. Should I be upset that this new baby has already ruined my second Christmas in New York? Yes, this one is due to arrive on Christmas Eve, meaning we will be in close proximity to acting out the Christmas story - mainly a delivery near Christmas time just miles from Bethlehem. I guess paybacks will be having a birthday that coincides with a holiday, thus getting shortchanged on gifts. Whew, glad it wasn't me! I actually pity the poor baby!
  6. Will this baby dare try to copy me and blog as well??

I'm eyeing Lucie as she looks to mommy for help.

I had a few other concerns, some regarding sibling rivalry. When I was a mere couple of days into my existence, mommy ran a half marathon not knowing yet of my presence. I was a little bit jealous when we learned that with this new one, she again unknowingly ran, but this time a full marathon. I feared that this might make this baby cooler than me, having run a full 26.2 miles (42.2 km). Mommy reassured me, however, that she ran her first marathon for me and because of me. And I also did cross the finish line - and we have photos to prove it. I guess that makes me cool too.

Then most of my concerns were laid to rest when, yesterday, for the first time, I was a spectator in an ultrasound. It was mommy's, not mine for once, and I got to communicate with my new sib! I wasn't necessarily looking at the TV screen (it wasn't nearly as exciting as the baby channel at home), but I was already speaking with Baby 2 (B2). And boy (not a hint) did we ever connect! The baby didn't speak, not that I could hear, but B2 did respond to my conversation by rolling around in the very womb that I inaugurated not too long ago. B2 is quite a mover and a shaker! Probably still reeling from the marathon, this baby didn't sit still during our ultrasound show. I'm sure though this was all in response to the messages that I was passing along to B2 in squeals and giggles that the adults just didn't understand, as usual. And I won't reveal it here either. It is our secret. Our first secret!

I'm excited that soon I will be able to communicate with someone using baby language and not having to learn adult speech. You know, I think we are going to make a good team. As long as he/she lets me lead!

My hand on the trigger, ready to grab the tail!

"Here kitty kitty."

I suppose playing by myself will get boring.
I guess I'll learn to share.


  1. That is so awesome!!!!!!!! yay! We are rejoicing with you Daniel, Tony and Nicole!

  2. Yea!!!!I can now congratulate you all publicly.


  4. Wonderful news! Blessings heaped on all of you :O)

  5. Congratulations Daniel! How happy you must be, along with Mommy and Daddy...and Mimi and Gong Gong...and Auntie Emily and Uncle Matt and.....well, along with everyone in Jerusalem and New York City (... New Jersey too)
    Love and kisses - Rodlyn

  6. Congratulations to All!

    Margaret & Elliot

  7. Dear Daniel, You are probably the first to articulate these concerns which perhaps every first-time brother or sister has experienced. I think you should go with how happy you felt to communicate with someone in baby language and forget your fears.

  8. This is such amazing news!!Congratulations!!

  9. To answer your questions:

    1. There are certain responsibilities that come with the role of older brother. For example, you will be expected to introduce your younger sibling to major superhero franchises so they can correctly identify the likes of Spiderman, Superman, Batman and so forth.

    2. Your other main task as an older brother is to train your younger sibling in the art of hand to hand combat. This does not require you to stop being a baby, but it will require you to master certain basic fighting skills.

    3. Your animal abuse duties are not affected by the presence of a younger sibling.

    4. You will become a double act, like Laurel and Hardy.

    5. The Christmas thing is a little awkward, but as you say, at least it didn’t happen to you.

    6. I suggest you speak to your lawyer regarding blog copyrights, but failing that you could adapt your blog per point 4 above, becoming a double act.

    Anyway, please pass on my congratulations to your parents and let me know how you get on.