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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welcome, Private! We are Your Family

Welcome, Private! (Theo!) He doesn't move much yet,
but he's well on his way to all sorts of baby exploits!

Impossible to get a non-blurry photo these days.
We are movers and shakers!



A few days ago, before our new and first first cousin entered the world mommy reminded us of the gift of life and said that Zemmy (Zia Em or Aunt Emily) would be having Theo soon. But we babies set the record straight forthwith.

"No," corrected Lucas. "We are going to have Theo soon."

Yes. The cousins shall have him. We claim him. He is one of us. He is ours.

And now it has happened. Officially, Theodore Walter Boyd arrived to our world on Jan. 26, 2016 at 7:59 a.m. Zemmy did all the work but we all have him now.

Now we don't know much if anything (nothing really), about the birds and the bees. We do know this, however: We are going to have Theo. All. To. Ourselves.

We shall disciple him. We shall teach him the ways of babies. We shall pass on all of our natural and acquired wisdom to the new cousin, Private, as he shall be known to us. He shall join our adventures.

I know that with this statement Zemmy and Uncle Hart are trembling with fear, but are also relieved that we live so far away and may not be able to exert our influence on a daily basis (save for telepathically). But we are nonplussed. God has created each baby with an innate knowledge of "the code." Theo already knows how to be baby! He will follow in the path we have carved for him. And we will show up a few times a year to conference on how we can all enhance our baby skills.

A theory that floats about is that one's birth experience as a baby is indicative of their personality. Take our family for example:

  • Me, Daniel: Extremely dramatic - Check!
  • Lucas: Right on time but most painful - Check!
  • Raia: Impatient and bulldozer-esque - Check! Check!

What does this mean for Theo and his birth? Slightly early yet extremely stubborn in actually  making his way down the hatch. Hours and hours. It can only mean good things. And good luck to Zemmy and Uncle Hart! That's all I can say.

Here is our official welcome to Theo and you can see how he fits perfectly into his new family in the following video starring Rico as Daniel, Skipper as Lucas, Raia as Kowalski and in his debut role, Theo as Private!! (As per Lucas and his observation... seriously he made the parallel a week ago after watching the movie.)

We are so excited to see how Private will participate in our shenanigans!!

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