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Friday, September 25, 2015

Too Cool for School. Metaphorically Speaking?

The Hot Shots, Raia and Lucas - Too Cool for School.
Don't be deceived by those backpacks -
they are not meant for school. Since there is none.
Heading somewhere. Just not sure where!
And we have plenty of time to figure that out.

Imagine mommy's shock while picking us up from school the other day when Lucas' teacher said she'd see him again on October 7.

Wait. What? No, that cannot be right. Today was September 24.

Hold on. October 7? 

The kids hadn't even been in school a month. A month which began with three less-than-half days. A month interrupted by 2 holidays already, both of which added up to 5 days off so far. A month fraught with disjointed weeks of alleged learning at our respective schools. And now this bit of sheer lunacy (mommy's words).

October 7?
Maybe she didn't hear that right.
October SEVENTH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Why did they bother starting school in the first place??

Now it's not like we hadn't received calendars from our schools replete with holiday schedules. We had. We just hadn't had time to really read them. Also, my parents assumed that there would be "day camp" at our schools between the bookends of days off at the beginning and end of Succot. You know, so that we would not be completely disconnected from school for two entire weeks before we even really started getting into our routine. Alas, logic must be dropped at the door when one enters the city school arena.

Admittedly mommy is still scarred and traumatized by the last few weeks of summer vacation, just a mere month ago, when everything completely unraveled from (failed) potty training and sanity to any semblance of order and hygiene in our humble abode.

As a fresh wave of shock and terror washed over mommy, she began processing her rapid-fire thoughts:
  • "Fortunately I quit my job to watch (etc) my kids full time since ... I will be watching my kids FULL TIME." 
  • "What do we pay the schools for if not to teach/watch my kids??" 
  • "What will I feed them for TWO ENTIRE WEEKS?" 
  • "Will all of us come through this unscathed, or even alive, mainly me?" 
  • "What was God thinking when he ordained these holidays and stacked three major ones into about three and a half weeks commanding 'generations to come' to observe them - generations that He knew would include adults trying to maintain jobs and children allegedly attending school."
  • "Thank God my parents are here!"
Yes, Mimi and GongGong are here to save the day. And as you can see, we are quite pleased with the new school schedule of no school! Happy albeit confused!

My joyous reunion with MM&GG as they made a surprise appearance at my school!

Lucas sprinted toward MM&GG when they surprised him.
And then immediately launched into a recap of his life since they last
saw him - a verbal stream of consciousness which hasn't ended yet actually.

Raia made a beeline for MM at her school.
But GG made sure to get his hugs anyway!
Too cool for school. Literally.

Happy holidays everyone! 

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