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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Street Corner Romance

Warning: This blog contains photos that may cause nuclear meltdowns due to its sheer cuteness. Be forewarned and resist screaming aloud in public places. 

Who could resist the radiant smile, checkered dress and pink glasses? I could not.
We don't go to the same school and play dates haven't occurred recently, but every so often I have the good fortune of running into my betrothed, Hallel, even on random street corners.

And how could she resist my blond swirl and
fluorescent orange shirt? Who could?!

And so today, our paths and our starry gazes crossed ... and this cuteness just happened.

Hallel and I have history, in fact our history practically began at birth. During our first year we shared an early intervention program and even a heart surgeon. It doesn't get more intimate than matters of the heart! Now we share a therapy center, although not at the same time.

We also share the auspicious and rare label of going to regular city schools thereby causing bureaucratic nightmares and massive upheaval in the lives of many people not the least of which are our parents!

US?? Sweet innocent little us causing
"bureaucratic nightmares and massive
upheaval"?? Can't be!

Clearly I couldn't contain myself.
Holding hands just isn't enough sometimes!

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