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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fun Math: Counting Down to Vacation!

We three.
The countdown began in earnest several days ago, but now, after a lot of meaningless and annoying erasing of numbers in a gimmick designed to teach us math, we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel: We are leaving for New York City in mere days! In fact, you can almost distill it into hours. But do so at hour own risk.

Here's a lesson for parents of small children: Don't start counting too soon. For instance, 30 days, never. Eleven days, pushing the limits. Three days, perhaps. One minute, best option yet. 

See, we have zero concept of time. Seconds blend in to years and we don't even know what that means. All I am aware of is right now, the present, and what I want at this very moment. So if you get me excited about seeing GongGong and the Statue of Liberty, my excitement indicates that I expect to see them NOW! I don't know what 10 days from now means. 

Hence, you, dear parents, have caused my slide into depression since all this hype has yet to be fulfilled. You keep saying GongGong and Mimi and yet all I see is you in the morning. 

And we haven't even embarked upon 12+ hours of plane time plus excruciating hours of security lines and changing planes at the Italian airport. You are taunting me with your promises. 

The countdown was exciting. For the first few days anyway.
Time is vague. Lucas, for example, uses the word "tomorrow" to indicate yesterday, today, later today and, obviously, tomorrow. Also next week. Tomorrow is now. Tomorrow happened. Tomorrow is yet to be. It is vague. Days, even more vague.

"Sleeps," maybe that makes more sense. But still somewhat obscure.

The Empire State Building ended up looking more like the Chrysler Building. Oops.

In his excitement, Lucas built a Statue of Liberty
replica comprised of blocks and Raia's bottle
But he had to defend it vociferously from certain destruction 
Raia had a point - it was her bottle. 
Look out America! Here we come!

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