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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Best Bed Time Routine for Babies

Four little monkeys...
...launching themselves from the bed like NASA rockets...
...and enjoying every single moment of this semi-legal activity.

And this time none fell off and bumped his or her head! And no one jumped on Joshua either! Joshi, as he is known in our place, stood for a few seconds and then realized it was more fun (safe) to sit and benefit from our jumping. All of the bounce and none of the work. That's a baby for you - the younger they are, the more brilliant!

Our overall Monkeys on the Bed fall score is Raia 3, Daniel 2, Lucas 1. I'm uncertain who is considered the winner or loser here because in the world of babies, bruises and bumps are badges of honor.

Mommy has sanctioned this particular activity. Though extremely dangerous and prohibitively unacceptable in most beds worldwide, mommy ratified bed jumping at our home: In lieu of a backyard, which we do not have, we are allowed to jump on our parents' bed in order to spend our limitless reserves of energy. This is much easier and more accessible than gearing us up to brave four flights of stairs to find a nearby park.

We do not take this allowance for granted. Oh wait, yes we do! We toss their pillows on the floor, scale the flimsy ikea headboard and lick the wall in order to add flavor to our makeshift trampoline game!

It was the storm before the calm. But we slept well that night. After we were actually corralled into our beds. 


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