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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Months?! Like 10-day Old Milk

If you are wondering why I haven't blogged for about two months, perhaps you should look no further than our refrigerator where we found 10-day old milk.

In other words, Lucas (the only milk drinker) had been consuming outdated milk until someone caught a whiff of it. Oops. He's doing fine, in case you were worried - abs of steel. *

Does that explain things?

If not, maybe this will:
This is what happens in me and Lucas' room every night.
No, the bed is not meant to be in the middle of the room.
In other words, mommy and abba claim to be exhausted and weary, although we babies are obviously energetic and brimming with vim and vigor well into the evening hours. And all sorts of baby tricks that must be published.


*Note: Abba protests revealing the milk incident for the world to know. Oops - too late! 

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  1. for heaven's sake! put in a wall to wall piece of foam, with some pillows and a couple of puffy comforters in that room. throw everything else away. put a 3/4 door between them and the living room, so you can peek every so often, and fah-gettttah-bout-'em!!! once or twice a day, toss in a banana or some chips. in a few years, pull them out and send them to college. they'll be fine! two good lookin' guys, charming, etc. they'll potty train each other out of self defense, and you two, and the princessa, will be older and much more relaxed. that is, unless Princess Ray-uh [like leia?] ends up high maintenance? lol