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Monday, December 16, 2013

La Principessa has Arrived!

She is mostly quiet, peaceful and, thus far, not very opinionated.
That makes her a favored one among us three.

On the day it deluged for the first time in Jerusalem this season and the weather took a decided and definite turn toward winter, Raia was escorted home in her princess chariot and her princess outfit.

She came into this world like the tempest. She came home with one.

And one thing has become instantly clear: My and Lucas' status as cute and cuddly babies is at risk!

But at least we finally had proof of the existence of our sister, which was merely an allegation up until then since child discrimination banned us from the NICU. I was safely at school that morning, so I sent Lucas, who had the day off, on a reconnaissance mission to the hospital. We found it does very much exist and even has a NICU replete with all sorts of electronic and necessary life-saving equipment we would love to play with one day. And it is stocked with nurses, doctors and even babies.

Forget the baby and the mission - Lucas, my little spy, was
shy in front of the pretty nurse
But when he regained his composure he finally met Raia
He was a little excited, wouldn't you say?

And at home:

Raia was just "34 weeks" when she was released to go home, meaning she was still supposed to be tucked away in mommy's tummy for six more weeks. Technically though she was just over two weeks and 2 kilos when she was allowed to go home. She had removed the feeding tube from her mouth a week before then and never looked back, accomplishing the amazing milestones of bottle feeding and even nursing before she came home. Next up: the Jerusalem Marathon on March 21, 2014!

Due to the novelty of mommy and abba of having three actual children and then that followed by five consecutive snow days - in the Middle East of all places - meaning all three children were home at the same time (panic!!), blogging has been a scarce and rare commodity.

La Principessa arrived 10 days ago. And then just a few days later, storms such as the Middle East has never known before plagued us and we were - and remain - somewhat under siege for several days now. We haven't left the increasingly tiny apartment in six full days and we are beginning to crack under the pressure.

But it has been a good time to get to know our baby sister and for mommy to practice being a mother to three babies who all have distinct, separate and immediate needs. Mommy believes that is a feat which is technically impossible or at least very much above her pay grade.

 In light of the holidays, we term this moment "Peace on Earth:"
a rare moment when all 3 of us babies were behaved and
controlled allowing mommy to feel momentarily successful
- and to even snap a photo 
Raia has made herself at home
This is after four days at home, diagnosed with "Cabin Fever:"

Please, God, melt the snow and ice so we can all be free once again!

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