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Monday, November 25, 2013

Of Babies and Men

It took a few minutes but Lucas finally forgave mommy for
being an absentee mother in the recent weeks
Cheers mommy! Now everyone has their proper sippy cup :)

When mommy left for the hospital the first time she was gone for two weeks and only saw us one time. Then three days after she came home, she returned to the hospital only to be AWOL for yet another six days. She was shocked by what she saw back at home.

When she left we were yet babies, but when she returned we had become little men.

Mommy was speechless when she saw us with our elongated feet and chunky hands. Even Lucas' disastrous haircut has made a comeback! Mommy still can't ascertain whether our sudden morphing into little men is because we are monstrous compared to little 4-pound Raia or whether we really grew that much in the last four sketchy weeks that she was gone more than she was present.

Mommy was welcomed home in high style this weekend (previous video). And she was impressed with our new skill set of self feeding ... or not (following video).

It has been exactly a week since Raia apparently entered the world. I have yet to see conclusive proof of her existence, but that is the storyline nonetheless. As for Lucas and I, our lives have returned to normal with mommy actually making frequent appearances at home, including in the morning when we wake up. Mimi and GongGong are still here and they have been our substitute parents in the last month. They have established a new routine of letting us play outside after school and feeding us treats that had been banned in our home up until now. It is a very dangerous proposition to allow grandparents to parent.

We have bonded a lot with abba in mommy's absence. He treats us as his dessert. Ooga means cake in Hebrew. 

But apparently no one else's life has returned to normal. "Normal" has been redefined now for an estimated month or so while Raia continues her development ex-utero. She needed about 9 more weeks in the womb, so she'll be taking those in an incubator now in the NICU at the hospital downtown.

I always thought "kangaroo" was a marsupial from Australia.
But apparently it is also a method of holding babies!



  2. omg nic~~~~!!!! that baby is one drip away from being baptized/mikvehed!!! omg! uncle R will faint if i show him this one. now, the room clean up by daniel. that's right up his alley. when he was 2, he got up early and 'fed the dog'. entire contents of fridge. an entire ham, a dozen eggs [which he placed in dog's mouth and chomped his jaws closed], sticks of butter, jellies, casserole, mustard and mayo, just in case Tex liked one or the other. note to self: block the kitchen from D and L or at least the fridge. just sayin' btw, it's nice of them to keep beautiful baby girl child in a place named after her mom. nic-u?

  3. Raia is BEAUTIFUL!! What a darling little dove she is during her bath! And you -- the BEST mom and with such self-control while touring the boys' bedroom!!! These are the times we've all shared and look back on to laugh about it - but it's always way funnier when its in the rear view mirror instead of in present tense! Good mom and good dad and good grandparents!! Precious family and we're all praying for y'all during the transition from NICU to home - glorious home!