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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Twin Purpose

We may not be twins, but we are still double the work!
Dual purpose babies - this is how we roll
Two babies vs. two adults. Who wins in such a situation? It may seem evenly matched according to the numbers, but truthfully, two adults isn't enough to compete with two babies. Take the above photos for example: Who is going to dispose of the soiled diapers after they are removed from us and before we grab them with our quick fingers and fling them - and their contents - around the living room?

Two babies means adults must act fast and try to outthink us. That is not easy. Mimi and GongGong had to think ahead, as seen in this photo, and bring a plastic bag for the diapers and somehow remove them before we got our hands into them. Of course, there was another available adult - the one taking the photo and taking a momentary reprieve from parenting. Although, photographing one's children can be considered a necessary parenting obligation, so she gets a pass in this case.

The previous night, mommy and abba conspired while we slept. They stayed up late into the night and into the wee hours of the morning watching a TV show called Super Nanny, which was aired in a parenting dream marathon of endless episodes. Mommy and abba were taking notes in hopes of becoming wiser and understanding us better. So who wins in this situation: The parents who tried to better inform themselves on the advice of a professional in how to care for unruly babies, or the babies who rested during those hours thereby storing up even more energy for tantrums with more gusto than usual while the well informed parents were too sleep deprived to recall any word of advice spoken in the TV show?

Abba, however, explained the addiction to the reality show a little different. He enjoyed watching it because these other children featured on the show made us seem even more like the angels that we are. Now they can appreciate us, even in our meltdowns!

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