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Monday, March 11, 2013

Childproofing: FAIL

The wild eyes of an energetic baby. Beware!
Maniacal laughter! You cannot out-babyproof me!

We continue to gleefully point out the flaws in efforts to baby-proof the house here in Queens. It was a futile effort though vigorously attempted and much appreciated. A real "a" for effort!

While they had the basics covered, like electrical outlets and door stoppers, Mimi and GongGong quickly became aware shortly after our arrival of what was not covered:

  • Doors on the china cabinet concealing valuable breakables
  • Dresser drawers near my pack-and-play from which I emptied all of Zia Em's "clothes" onto the floor
  • Buttons on DVD players, stereos and cable boxes precariously close to ground/baby level
  • Easy-to-open garbage pail and recycling bin full of intriguing items
  • Dishwasher handle temptingly low enough for us to open revealing more fun breakables
  • Poinsettia plant with stalks just asking to be ripped from the root
  • GongGong's side of the bed, where flashlights and other fun electronic equipment lurk
Those are just a few of the items we have found. We have also noticed that while door stoppers are good to keep fingers out of harm's way they do not prevent heads from being caught in the door. I taught that to Lucas several times already.

Needless to say, even with five adults in the house there is no dearth of baby herding that goes on in an attempt to keep us far from harm and, well, alive. In the perceptive words of Aunt Beanie: It doesn't take a village, it takes a State of New York. 

Zia Em and I appreciating the damage

Don't blame me if the drawers were too
close to my bed
Innocent as charged

Wreaking havoc in the airport before
taking off for the US with abba trailing

Getting the energy out of our systems
before boarding...

...As if. We have an endless
reserve of energy.

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  1. I've had a rough week/weekend. I have lost sleep. I have had multiple close calls with dear ones near me with sicknesses, emotional and physical. I have friends with dying and departed family members. I have had depressing things go on. I cannot tell you just HOW LOUD I LAFFED AND HOOTED AND FELT REFRESHED WITH JUST ONE SHOT OF DANIEL and EM'S UNDIES! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! Now,can we get one of Gonkh Gonkh in Daniel's bed with Tony's undies on his head? Might just heal me!