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Friday, February 15, 2013


Reach out and touch someone

Can you feel the love??

Despite landing near Valentine's Day, this post's title "V-Day" stands for "Victory Day." And that is because it was no small feat when both mommy and abba broke through the fog of exhaustion in which they perpetually dwell to realize it was February 14.

The red colored desserts at the cafe tipped off mommy, while something about delivery guys on mopeds stuffed with floral bouquets tipped off abba that this was supposed to be a day set apart from the rest. Thank goodness! Otherwise the night would've ended like it always does with dinner time battles, back-breaking baths for two babies and the infamous war on sleep by two determined little boys.

Oh wait, it did end like that! Silly me.

Hope your day was equally victorious and full of love!

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