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Monday, January 28, 2013

Drama Baby Strikes Again!

Brief, albeit dramatic, I staged another daring visit to the ER

Me playing the part of the stoic yet depleted parent;
Abba playing the part of the carefree and happy baby

My performance was a little lackluster compared to last year. But still, no one had planned a random visit to the clinic, followed by a shoe-in entry from ER to hospital admittance on a random Sunday in January. And all this just 24 hours before Mimi was flying in to see me and Lucas.

At some point, I supposed my hospital drama routine was getting old, so I pulled the plug and got us released after just over 12 hours (including one awful night) in the ER. Seems I had a nasty lung infection which was creating problems for me but is now waning.

The doctors were more lenient this time with my oxygen grades and figured they would send me home to convalesce. That could have something to do with my blood-curdling screams between 1:45 and 4 a.m. that woke up EVERY SINGLE BABY in the ER, triggering a chain reaction of wailing infants, and grated on the nerves of exhausted and frazzled parents. But mostly I think they were just frightened by my Samson like threats to break down the pillars of my crib if someone didn't let me run rampant around the hospital.

And while I took mommy and abba on a tour of the finer clinics and ERs of Jerusalem, Lucas was treated to a one-on-one evening with Kathryn. He didn't fare too badly as you can see by his winning smile.

He learned his cute pose from me

Everyone is home now and Mimi has arrived safely into my open arms. All is well yet again.

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