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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Places to Go, People to See! Part I

How is this for a blast from the past? Time is timeless on the web, right? Therefore I am going to wax poetic about our time in New York even though most of this occurred more than a month ago. Believe me, photos like this should never go to waste!

Despite being stymied by "inclement" weather conditions in the Big Apple, we managed to have a few visits both before and after the storms with some friends. Our first was a birthday party for Grace, Lucas' potential girlfriend who just turned 1 ( I also managed to hit on her while there). Grace graciously hosted her birthday party at the Queens Farm so Lucas and I were exposed to all sorts of new and exciting animals!

Lucas meets a little lamb

Me making the moves on Grace. 

Grace adeptly playing "hard to get"
Later, in true country fashion not to be heard of in the Holy Land, we went on a hayride! There are a few photos from the beginning of the ride before we started moving. But mommy, abba and Zia Em needed all six of their hands to hold onto Lucas and I during the actual ride as I was jumping with the bumps - perhaps the most exhilarating ride of my life!

Grace with mommy Margo in the distance

We had a small taste of autumn before the
hurricane knocked off any remaining leaves

Later, in the other Queens zoo - otherwise known as Aunt Beanie's house - we hung out with another friend, Brendan. Lucas and I tried to engage him in all of our tricks and baby moves, but Brendan is a cautious baby and he spent most of the time checking us out rather than engaging in our antics.

Brendan watched me as I admired myself and my reflection

Lucas munched on cucumbers

Cousin Cris tortured me with tickles

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