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Monday, December 24, 2012

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas (?)

Gearing up for Christmas, baby style!

In keeping with true baby tradition, it matters not that Christmas is tomorrow. In Babyland, the only tradition is not annual, but is the same 24-hour cycle that occurs every day: Wake (early); insist on eating (immediately), run in circles around the apartment for about three hours; destroy or attempt to destroy ornaments on Christmas tree; nap; repeat cycle until bedtime.

Despite having a new family to indoctrinate into the Christmas tradition the truth is, our parents have come to terms with the fact that we are babies and babies have a schedule to keep, Christmas notwithstanding. Mommy and abba are under no illusions that Christmas morning is going to be special at this point in our young lives. It is going to be pretty much the same as every other morning of the year except for the part where they will try to cajole us into taking the festive paper off of certain boxes. Try as they might to conjure up Christmas spirit, Lucas and I will still dictate the events of the day. Sure, mommy baked some cookies and yes, we over compensated for the entire country by decorating the house for Christmas.

In addition to the normality of our day, I am nursing an eye infection that is causing me to have a pink Christmas. It wouldn't be white anyway, with 60 degree Fahrenheit temperatures here in Jerusalem anyway, but pink is not typically associated with Christmas. Mommy has insisted that I not give this little gift to anyone else int he family despite the spirit of giving and all. Some things are best not shared. Like pink eye. And my favorite holiday musical book.

Nevertheless, we will pour ourselves into the holiday spirit as we realize that our days with trying to strip the tree of ornaments are numbered. The tree has heretofore been barricaded by empty boxes that once held the ornaments. While I would rather those be boxes full of presents, they serve a purpose to keep us away from the tempting ornaments. Up till now, a few ornaments have fallen victim to Lucas' prying hands, and the bottom third of the tree is barren. But beyond that the tree is still standing.

Now that Lucas' birthday is over (it was on Christmas Eve Eve), I am pleased that we can focus on the holiday where I too get a few presents.

So on that note, Merry Christmas everyone! And to all a good night - albeit perhaps not a silent one.

Grandma came over to help us Deck the Halls

All the babies got in on the Christmas action!

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