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Sunday, August 11, 2019

So long, Sarande!

The Baby Blogs hits the road!
From the sea to the mountains of Albania

Why Albania? Because traveling to a country sight unseen with three children who are hyper and all of whom are prone to meltdowns at any given time especially one of whom is nonverbal is the only sort of adventure travel my parents can muster these days.

And so instead of trekking across the Himalayas or backpacking the Alps or skydiving, bungee jumping or getting waterboarded, my parents take their kids on overseas excursions and experience much if not more than the adrenaline equivalent and heavy lifting and anxiety of these crazy stunts.

Unless we are taking a precarious ferry or a beaten up paddle boat to a deserted island in which case they are not pulling these stunts on land but also on water where children are in more so imminent danger.

With Nene on the adventure of a lifetime!
Italian food is popular in Sarande as we demonstrate here...

The Old City of Gjirokaster

In the old castle of Gjirokaster

The Blue Eye, an amazing natural wonder

On a deserted island

Albanian sunset 

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