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Monday, March 13, 2017

Pajama Party Day = Issued as a Great Salvation to Parents

School checklist:
Coat, check. Shoes, check. Pajamas?? Double check!

Sleeping at school? Not just legal
today, but encouraged!

On the first day of the third month in the year of our Lord 2017, an edict went out to all the land that school children would, for one day in the second week of the third month, be required to wear pajamas to school.

The edict went forth as a ceasefire between parents and children who, for one day, would cast aside their battle gear in the never ending war against parents clothing their children, who, in turn, were justified in their eternal battle against clothes and dressing oneself.

Across the land, cheers went forth from the children. That morning, children offered - for the first time ever - to dress themselves rather than wait for parental assistance. They sped through breakfast with nary a cry of resistance then sprinted to their rooms where they chose and donned their nightwear, even after shedding the previous night's nightwear for fresher models.

Harried parents who were known for getting their children to school late, arrived significantly earlier, much happier and extremely less stressed.

Children, giddy with the justification of their anti-clothing reasoning, floated in rebellion-free orbs from homes to cars to classrooms, even carrying - for once without argument - their very own backpacks.

In some districts the Day was known, aptly, as Pajama Day, while in others the observation of this event was known as Opposite Day in which day became night and night, day.

In all districts, there was peace and happiness for 24 hours.

Changing things up changes the world!

It was a slumber party of epic proportions! Even the adults joined in,
like my PA (or PO) Talya!

Even the fake smiles were real that day! Right, Raia?

Super heroes? Nah, just super happy!

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