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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Grand Central Station Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

Divergent heights and yet no fear of heights!

Mommy is wondering when the bathroom in our home will cease to smell like a New York City subway station.

With three toddler-through-little kid babies in the apartment, and with the attempted eradication of diapers all around, going to the bathroom is sticky business around here these days.

Luckily most of the misses occur in the bathroom and not on the sofa, so mommy shouldn't be complaining. But the other, shall we say, misplacements mean she must clean the bathroom every few hours of every day.

We are all in that transition time that includes issues such as potty attachment or no potty attachment, and height, particularly for male children. Questions plague us like: Do we sit or stand? Do we stand on a stool or without? Do we sit on the potty attachment or on the regular adult-sized throne? Do we even have TIME for all of these decisions?? No. Especially not when nature calls!

Hence there is always some tidying to be done. Some of us are in between heights: stand on a stool and you knock it out of the park. But stand on the floor and risk watering the tile. With Raia, her conundrum is less about sitting/standing as it is about patiently waiting until the entire process has been completed. Patiently being the key word.

But until we resolve these issues, the pervasive smell of a NYC subway station will continually remind mommy of home. She was sort of hoping for other reminders, but she should will take what she can get this holiday season!

Have the new iron bars stifled or enhanced our curiosity or what lies below?
The jury is still out!

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