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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hanging with the Big Boys

Welcome to the Jungle, Raia! I mean, our bedroom :)
Friends, Passover break is over and we have all returned to our respective frameworks after nearly a month celebrating freedom. But not without some major changes, of course.

This extra long spring break provided mommy and abba with the opportunity to make some big changes in their lives, a spring cleaning of sorts: They evicted Raia from their room! 

Yes, after 16 months of maybe a handful of nights slept through, they felt she certainly outstayed her welcome in their room and change was needed.

Not that she had anywhere else to go. We have a smallish apartment. There was talk of cleaning out the office and transforming it into a bedroom. But that would've taken months as the office acts as our walk-in closet and is the only room sealed off from babies as it hosts important things such as the kitty litter and the printer - two treasures we babies are angling to get our hands on.

Mommy would not be stopped however, and she came up with another "solution." And so, with much ado, the crib slid right into our room with no problem, positioned perpendicular to our toddler beds.

Yes, mommy reasoned that all her children deserved each other. Raia was now formidable enough to meet us in the boxing ring and her daytime schedule had mostly aligned with ours. Not to mention, we had more than two weeks of spring break to sort it all out while mommy prayed for success.

It came at an appropriate time. We have been watching Prince of Egypt repeatedly. One of the songs is "Playing with the Big Boys Now." This was our welcome song to Raia: "You're sleeping with the big boys now!"

All the adults in our lives had bets placed on who would be disrupting who's night's sleep: Some contended that Raia's shrill midnight screams would disturb Lucas and I. Others assumed I would be the culprit, driven by curiosity and community to chat with Raia all night. Many feared Lucas and I would climb into Raia's crib and crush her.

It wasn't just Lucas and I who climbed into the crib:
we threw in every single item in our room as well!
(blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, diapers, etc)

Well, all of the above has occurred in some form or another. But the real lesson here was that Raia started sleeping through the night pretty much as soon as she moved in. So certain parents are kicking themselves for not doing this months ago. Er hm.

And so Lucas and I extended our most baby welcome to little sister Raia. Now that we have her to ourselves we can train her in the Ways and Laws of Babies. Watch out world!

But to understand our family's sense of humor, this is how Zia Em pictured our new sleeping arrangements:

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