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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Engineering Feats in the Lives of Babies

"It wasn't me! Never mind what you see in the photo!"

"If a pacifier weighing 1 ounce is dropped from a 3rd floor
window, how long will it take until it hits the ground?"
"I don't know, let's try!"

"But I thought you said the washing machine needed fixing."

Legal act of engineering at age 18 months:
Toy sticks and couplers

"So if this part of the track connects here, where should we throw it?"

"Trains should be able to run without tracks. As I've proven here, it gives
us much more freedom in where we can go."
"And then we wouldn't have to reconnect the tracks we dismantled!"


  1. So I see that the spirit of the Schiavi brothers is being passed on. Just think that the best is yet to come! And on the bright side, all that you put your mother through will keep her young and beautiful.

  2. These two "apples" did not fall far from the Schiavi family tree!!!